Winter Month Home Buying

If you endured the journey and anxiety of trying to find a home in Colorado during the spring and summer months and were not successful in finding a new home, you might find that the right time is now. Many folks stop looking for a home during the months of October, November and December. While the cooler weather and snow might make for a tricky move, you just might find a HOT deal in a HOT market during these months.

For one, the general census is that most folks want to get through the holidays and cold weather before they think about moving, so many the buyers you competed against months ago are no longer in the market. If you look at the statistics, homes are staying on the market a little longer than the summer months and we are starting to see price reductions taking place in order to move inventory. Secondly, a seller that is selling right now most likely has some outside motivation that is prompting them to sell right now. They would be far batter off waiting till the spring, so if their home is on the market now you can bet there may be some extended motivation, and thus the potential to get a better deal.

So, unless you are waiting for that frenzy that is upon us in just a few months, you might consider bucking the trend and look to buy now! More selection and less competition equals a better deal!

If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell, check in with me and my team and we can help you navigate the process. Happy Thanksgiving!

Troy Johnson
303 929 8954